Electric Winch Boat Winch Motor Winch Cable Pulley 900 kg 12 V

Electric Winch Boat Winch Motor Winch Cable Pulley 900 kg 12 V


L/W/H: approx. 24/20/20 cm
Max. Pull force: approx. 900 kg
Voltage: 12V
Controllable via remote control
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Universal electric winch

With a power of 12 volts, the winch is ideal for safely lifting, pulling and parking loads. The attachment hook is characterised by its robustness and can carry a weight of up to 900 kg. With the included pulley you can even double the weight. The cable remote control makes it easy to regulate the device. This includes the forward and reverse function. In addition, the winch has a supply cable with connection clamps. The useful quick release plate can be used for fixed mounting, as well as for a towing hitch.

Ideal for safely lifting, pulling and stopping loads

Double the weight thanks to the pulley

Conveniently controlled via cable remote control

Forward and reverse function

Size: Approx. 240/200/200 mm

Weight: Approx. 8.8 kg

Max. Tensile load: approx. 900 kg (with pulley approx. 1,800 kg

Max. Recall load on waters: approx. 2,300 kg (with pulley approx. 4,600 kg

Max. Rolling load (vehicles, etc.): approx. 2,800 kg (with pulley approx. 5,400 kg

Speed: at approx. 2,300 kg approx. 1.83 m/min

Steel Rope Length: Approx. 9 m

Hook Size: Approx. 105/60 mm, opening approx. 19.05 mm

Power supply: approx. 12 V

Power cable length: Approx. 2.8 m

Remote Control Distance: Approx. 2.8 m

Mounting plate: approx. 200/115 mm

1 x ESW10 electric winch included.

1 x Pulley

1 x Tow Bar Mounting Plate

1 x cable remote control.

1 x connection cable.

1 x multilingual operating instructions (English language not guaranteed).