Workshop Press 6T 39 x 40 x 91 cm

Product Description

Strong workshop press 6 t

Printing jobs in the workshop, garage or agriculture can be done in no time with the workshop press. Precise guidance and a comfortably adjustable working height make it the ideal companion for a wide variety of tasks. For example, the hydraulic pump can be used to straighten or bend metal parts or to remove or install pressure parts such as gears or bearings.


Repair of electric motors and valves

Installation and removal of pressure parts (gears, bearings)

Bending or straightening metal

including hydraulic pump and 2 pressure plates

height adjustable press table

precise guidance

Technical specifications:


Dimensions (B / H / D): approx. 39/91/40 cm

Working width: approx. 32 cm

Working height: approx. 0-30 cm

Net weight: about 24 kg

Max. Capacity: approx. 6 t

Oil type: hydraulic oil

Scope of supply:


1 x workshop press WSPR01 as a self-assembly kit included

1 x hydraulic pump

2 x printing plates

1 x Assembly and Operating Instructions (DE / EN / FR)



Get your work done fast and efficiently with your perfect helper: this workshop press.




Multiple functions:

Repairing of electro motors and valves

Installing and removing of pressure parts (gear wheels, bearings)

Bending or straightening of metal

Hydraulic pump and 2 pressure plates included

Pressing plate adjustable in height

Precise operation




Dimensions (W/D/H): ca. 1.3/1.3/3 ft / 50/60/124 cm

Width of working area: ca. 1 ft / 42 cm

Height of working area: ca. 0 to 1 ft / 0 to 75cm

Net weight: ca. 53 lbs / 43 kg

Maximum capacity. 12 t

Oil type required: hydraulic oil