Suitcase Trolley Set Gray

Suitcase Trolley Set Gray


1 x XL (approx. 69 cm x 48 cm x 31 cm) approx. 5 kg Minimum of 115 Litres
1 x L (approx. 60 cm x 40 cm x 28 cm) approx 4.2 kg at least 71 L
1 x M (approx. 50 cm x 34 cm x 25 cm) approx. 3.8 kg at least 44 L
Colours: Black, Red, Silver
With laptop edge guard

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This Suitcase Trolley Set is a valued companion along the journey.

If it’s a vacation, business, a mini-break or once around the world, this sturdy and aesthetically shaped brand-named suitcase set will never let you down.

The ultralight weight offers more leeway for your luggage and it’s volume is expandable.




Modern Design

Lots of Space, by opening the outside zip the suitcase can be expanded

360° Wheels System with very quiet and robust rubber wheels

Very light empty weight

Dent-proof with a flexible Polycarbonate/ABS-Material mix-hard shell

Stackable within each other

2 hinged grips on the side, for carrying comfort

Push button adjustable telescopic handle

Integrated combination lock, 3 digits

4 Pedestal wheels for sturdy footing

Tip-over safe


Colour Options:










The set includes a larger as well as a medium suitcase and a small business-trolley, which can be taken on-board as hand luggage on most airlines.




One XL (about 69cm x 48cm x 31cm) approx. 5,0 kg at least 115 L

One L (about 60cm x 40cm x 28cm) approx. 4,2 kg at least 71 L

One M (about 50cm x 34cm x 25cm) approx. 3,8 kg at least 44 L